Angie Megibben


Light Works Yoga/Massage Therapy/Jin Shin Jyutsu
State Licensed Massage Therapist
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Yoga Instructor

Angie is a health care practitioner specializing in massage therapy (LMT), yoga (RYT 200), as well as Jin Shin Jyutsu, the ancient practice of Japanese acupressure. Jin Shin Jyutsu is similar to Chinese acupuncture, but JSJ uses light touch rather than needles to assist with releasing energetic blockages associated with the causes of various symptoms. The client remains fully clothed for a JSJ session.

Some benefits include:

  • Aids digestion/elimination

  • Helps insomnia

  • Relieves headaches

  • Anxiety/stress related issues

  • Asthma/respiratory issues

  • Immune function

  • Pre/post surgery

Angie teaches a Restorative Yoga class on Thursdays, at 6pm at her studio, Light Works Yoga Studio in Middletown. She also offers private yoga sessions, as well as massage therapy for many issues, including but not limited to: general neck pain and low back pain, as well as for specific issues like sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and frozen shoulder, to name a few.

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be done in combination with massage or as a stand-alone session. Both massage and JSJ sessions, as well as classes, are an hour in length.

For more information on Jin Shin Jyutsu, please go to

Angie Megibben is now conducting her yoga classes, massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions at the Center for Integrative Health located at 105 Lyndon Ln. 40222. You may still contact her at 502.321.0557