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Moving from Broken to Sustainable

The innovative new book on transforming healthcare - healing you, me and our broken disease-care system! Our healthcare system is broken. We don’t really have a healthcare system - we have a disease-care system. Historically, the model has been one that waits until you become ill and then tries to cure you. My intention for writing this book is to transform the healthcare system to one focused on health, wellness and disease-prevention by: 

  • Redirecting the primary focus of health to wellness and disease prevention

  • Creating models that prioritize patient and family needs above all else

  • Creating healthy team-based systems that a empower and inspire all providers as valued members of the team

  • Providing guidelines so you can achieve your own optimal wellness of mind, body and Spirit. 

  • Demonstrating a sustainable payer system that will meet healthcare expenses for individuals and families without bankrupting anyone, including our country. 

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Meet the Author

Kim Evans is an Advanced Practice Nurse with over 40 years of clinical experience who is truly interested in helping people achieve their optimal health of mind, body and Spirit.  While working as a critical care specialist in the mid 90’s, Kim realized that 75% of the patients in the intensive care unit had illnesses that could have been prevented. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to help stop preventable chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

 Kim is the owner of theInstitute for Integrative Medicinein Louisville, KY.She is an avid writer and speaker, inspiring people to discover their power within, transform their lives, and BE their best self. She practices what she preaches by eating healthy, exercising regularly and meditating/praying daily.

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There is so much amazing information in this book, it really represents the path to transforming our broken healthcare system.