Lab Testing

At IIM we do an extensive amount of lab testing that may not be routinely done by your PCP. For instance, many patients tell me that their thyroid level was checked by another provider. Then I discover that only the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was tested. For many patients, testing only the TSH is inadequate to fully assess thyroid function. We commonly include the TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO and Thyroglobulin antibodies to fully assess one’s thyroid function. 

We also do an advanced cholesterol test that looks at the LDL particle sizes, LDL small, medium particles, Lp(a) and HDL particles. This test also includes inflammation markers (such as insulin, insulin resistance, fibrinogen, homocysteine, myeloperoxidase, LpPLA2, and TMAO) that are commonly associated with advancing heart and vascular diseases. Research bears that 50% of all people who die with an acute myocardial infarction have a normal standard lipid panel. So testing the advanced lipid panel is imperative for most people since heart disease is a silent disease and remains the number 1 killer in America. 


We make every effort to work with your PCP and other practitioners to coordinate labs to avoid unnecessary duplication and multiple phlebotomy sticks. If you have health insurance, we will send your insurance information to the respective lab and they will bill your health insurance for the cost of the labs. We do not charge to process your lab order or draw your labs (if you have them done at our office).  The cost of the office visit to review your labs is dependent on which lab tests you had completed. 


We use several cutting-edge laboratories that do not participate with third party insurers. However, if you have health care spending accounts (HSA) or flex spending, you can use this money to pay for the cost of these labs. Here are some of the companies with which we are currently working: 


  • Precision Analytical – This is a urine test that provides the most comprehensive hormone and adrenal testing available. They now include organic acid tests as well. What I love about this company in addition to their excellent standards is their integrity to make this affordable for all. They have not increased their $250 charge for the testing in the 8 years that we’ve been working with them. 

  • Cyrex Labs – This company does food sensitivity testing and antibody testing. Their extensive research and technological development has made them an industry leader in food sensitivity testing. They have now developed over 10 Arrays and the cost varies depending on which Array is tested. 

  • Genova – This company has one of the most comprehensive stool tests available. Several years ago, Genova purchased Metametrix which was one of the first companies to specialize in stool testing.  


We do not charge additional fees for these labs. You will pay each of the above lab company their fee.Our charge will be for the office visit to review your results and treatment plan. The charge will vary depending on which test(s) you do.